Saturday, December 26, 2009

Act Now to Own Your Own Higgs Boson

There are 6 days left in an eBay auction for the "God Particle." This won't last long!

Here are the specs:

Mass: 114.4 GeV/c2 (just about none - or all)
Spin: 0
Field: Non-zero
Antiparticle: Self
CP violation: None (even)
Colour: Possibly
Size available: Small (fits all)
Optional extras: Large Hadron Collider, W and Z bosons (available in packs of 2,800,000)
Delivery: In envelope with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. (For a small extra charge we can secure your Higgs boson in a small lump of Blu-Tac and jam it in a matchbox. Please declare if you'd prefer that option.)
(Thanks to John Baichtal, via Twitter!)